The Miss Saigon at Prince Edward Theatre.

Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan

With an astounding occupancy of 1618, the magnificent Prince Edward Theatre is mainly categorised into three levels as Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. Stall section has quite a huge occupancy and accommodate maximum of viewers, Moreover, the stall section is located near the stage which leads to high price range.

For those who are looking for best viewing seats in Stalls, must opt for Central seats in the middle of the Stalls. On the other hand, front few rows have considerably low price as the stage is very high. With a wide central aisle, the stall section is mainly categorised into front and rear section. The rear section is further divided into three sections.

Dress Circle is another section which hangs above the Stalls where front row seats are cheaper due to a high wall in the front. The section is further divided into lots smaller seating sections featuring lodges and slips which run along with sidewall of theatre. If you are looking for clearest view seats then simply opt for middle block.

Upper Circle is the final and highest seating section, whereas price range is quite lowers as compare to Stalls and Dress Circle. You can have excellent viewing seats in the first six rows and will be a complete value for the money.